Why the fish symbol? Is this a religious right wing company?

We are a family owned business. Our family shares Christian values. We do not consider ourselves right, nor left winged. We are just grateful that our God has blessed us, and we like to bless others as well. We share our faith because the owner of our business suffered from drug addiction for many years. After trying many different drug addiction treatment options, the only thing that worked for him was a Christian based drug addiction treatment program. Thank God, the owner of our business has been able to stay drug free for more than 10 years now, and his goal is to help others live a drug addiction free life. That is why a % of all our sales go to a non-profit organization that helps cure and prevent drug addiction. Drug addiction almost destroyed our family, and since the moment we started living a Jesus centered life, we have been able to live a life full of blessings. Hope you can understand that this is the reason we try to honor our God thru our products. God bless you.
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