What is the recommended spray tip for an HPLV spray gun? What pressure setting is best?

Make sure that you follow the label directions and thin the product with no more than 20% water by volume and mix thoroughly.

When being used in any sprayer, it is imperative that the directions for the sprayer be followed closely. Straining the final ‘thinned’ mixture as you put it into any sprayer is recommended by any spray gun manufacturer. Typical pressure used for an HVLP gun is 15-25psi, depending on the tip and how thin you reduce the product.

The size of the strainer should be relative to the spray nozzle. If you have a 1.4 mil nozzle (ideal); for example, this means that any particle larger than 1.4 mil will clog the gun and adversely affect the performance. Disposable paint strainers are available almost anywhere paint is sold, this would be the preferred recommendation for any spray application.

There will always be some level of precipitate that exists, so do not be alarmed if the strainer catches some unincorporated solids.

Mix the 2 in 1 or shake it in a paint shaker first; then thin the fully mixed paint with up to 20% water. Mix the thinned paint and then pour it through your paint strainer, directly into the reservoir on the paint gun. This will yield the best coverage and performance.
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