What do you look for in the ingredients to know a product has enzymes?

Thank you for asking; there is a lot of misinformation in the market about what constitutes an “enzyme” cleaner or an “enzyme” deodorizer. The reality is that most inexpensive products in the market don’t contain what are referred to as “free enzymes .”Instead, they contain strains of bacteria that can produce enzymes in the right environment. While calling a product of this type an “enzyme” formula is technically correct, it is a bit misleading in many cases since the product does not contain any actual free enzymes. It is important to note that these products also take time for the dormant bacteria to come out of “hibernation”, become active, and produce enzymes that are the catalyst to breaking down the sources of most odors. If you consider that, aside from that gestation time, the environment needs to be favorable (just right) to produce enzymes at any notable level.

Our product is different; the formula contains actual free enzymes (the catalyst) rather than the source bacteria that will eventually produce the enzymes. Free Enzymes are costly to harvest, which is why many products do not contain them. Because of their value, most bacteria producers will harvest and separate free enzymes from the actual bacteria before selling them. The benefit of using free enzymes is that the product works much quicker; as soon as the enzymes come in contact with the molecule causing the odor, they go to work immediately. Less expensive products have to dwell in the right conditions for the bacteria to come out of spore state and produce the enzymes that are in our product…already, ready to go.

While the actual blend of biologicals is a closely held trade secret with any company, you will typically pay more for a product that contains free enzymes, and you will notice it in the performance of the product. Both can have a masking fragrance, but a formula containing free enzymes will work to eliminate the odors much more quicker. You will know the difference as soon as the scent fades away.

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