How to get rid of garbage disposal smell?

In most cases, the smell is a part of the typical wear and tear, as food particles can easily get trapped in the blades or under the lid and decay if not appropriately crushed. Not all the bad smells originate from inside the garbage disposal and sometimes the outer part of the garbage disposal or the sink is dirty and has bacteria developing there and resulting in bad odors. This outside parts can be cleaned with regular soap and water and a brush. (some people use an old toothbrush). Then the key to remover all foul odor is to cleaning the left over oils, and grease that cause the foul odor from deep within the garbage disposal drain.

The key to this step is to eliminate the odor from its source. There are 2 common products used for this step. First, many people use the little round yellow balls (PLINK) to deodorize their garbage disposal. The drawback of this product is that it only contains a concentrated deodorizer and does not actually clean anything. It will deodorize your garbage disposal for a while but will not eliminate the foul odor from its source since it contains no cleaning agents. Another common garbage disposal cleaning product are the foaming tablets (AFFRESH). This product is very good in cleaning the insides of the garbage disposal, and it does leave behind a pleasant smell. The downside of this product is that it also eliminates the foul odor smell temporarily because it does not clean deep inside the kitchen sink drain. Since the main thing you have to do as you continue to clean the rancid garbage disposal cleaner is root out the core source of the smell. That is why I recommend Xion Lab’s Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer. Its is a unique, environmentally friendly, bio-enzymatic formulation that uses advanced odor control technology to clean and remove odors from garbage disposals and drains. It is specially formulated to attack grease, oils and fats that are the usual cause of blockages and foul odors in drains.

How to Use Xion Lab Garbage Disposal Cleaner -
Use when least amount of water is running through system. Will not perform if mixed with acid, caustic or chlorinated solvent products.

Pour 4 oz. then cover drain and turn on disposal for 2 seconds.
Leave product in disposal overnight (6-8 hours), then flush with hot water.
If foul odor persists, a second application may be necessary. Pour 2 to 4 oz. every 1 to 2 weeks to prevent future odors and clogs.
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