How does this compare to Liquid Fire?

LIquid Fire is a sulfuric acid based drain opener. Acid based drain openers work very fast, and even digest non organic matter like plastics, paper and even food particles. The downside of using an acid based drain opener is that they are very toxic, they can damage the plumbing pipes, they release toxic foul odor fumes when used, and the user has to take extra precaution when using since it can cause skin, or clothes to burn. Xion Lab's Safer Drain Opener is not an acid based drain opener. Xion Lab uses a proprietary formula that does not work as fast as an acid based formula, but it does work a lot faster than many SAFE drain openers in the market. Xion Lab drain opener is a perfect balance between power and safety. It is odorless, biodegradable, does not produce toxic fumes when used, and is pipe and septic safe. Xion Lab drain opener will NOT work for drains clogged with paper, plastics, or food. If you have a clog problem caused by hair, or grease, then Xion Lab drain opener will work perfectly. We recommend you leave Xion Lab drain opener working overnight (6 to 8 hours) and then flush with hot water.
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