Is this safe to use in any kind of carpet cleaning machine

With our new formula, our product can be used with Carpet Cleaning Machines. Dilution rates vary greatly from machine to machine. As our product is designed to produce some foam, over concentration can lead to excess foam and necessitate an additional rinse. It would be our recommendation that you start with a dilution of 32:1, that is 4oz per gallon. There are no harsh chemicals that raise or lower the pH, so it would also be compatible with most other neutral cleaners or by itself. If the machine is producing too much foam at that concentration, decrease concentration by ½. If the product is not producing too much foam, you can increase the concentration for problem areas. Make sure to extract before the rinse cycle and extract after the rinse cycle, just like with other cleaners.
At this concentration you will produce 32 gallons of ready to use cleaner. This is about 121 liters of finished RTU cleaner.
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